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The QR Ordering and QR Payment system is another solution for touchless/contactless dining. It is one of the most recent features developed by the POS industry. There are only a few companies like Aloha POS and Toast POS that offer this point of sale product extension. The idea behind it was to make it a complete ordering and payment experience, which doesn’t require a server.
With QR ordering, dining guests can place their food order by simply scanning a QR code into their phone. The restaurant shares the QR code with diners via a digital app or menu. This keeps with the goal of contactless ordering but also makes the ordering process more streamlined.
Once the code is scanned into the phone, it opens a gateway that simultaneously sends the order to the POS station and on to the kitchen. Once the guests have finished their meal, they can scan the QR code again, enter their credit card information, and make a payment. It is as simple as that.
This feature is optional with POS systems because many restaurants and guests still prefer a person-to-person dining experience. However, it is becoming more popular as restaurants seek to find different ways to provide a safer and contactless dining experience due to COVID-19.

How It Works

QR Code

Merchant displays a custom QR code on their menu, table tent, or placemat.

Scan the Code

Customer scans the code with their smartphone and the menu opens in their phone’s web browser

Place Order

Customer selects the menu items they want and completes payment to submit their order.

Order Sent to POS

The order is sent to the POS system and prepared as usual.

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