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All-In-One Harbortouch cloud based POS system $39 a month

The main POS bundle with real-time cloud access and advanced ordering and payments functionality.

Mobile POS station (Skytab)$15 a month

Skytab is mostly used in a table service and delivery environment. It takes orders and payments and syncs to the main POS stations. It runs over WIFI or a cellular network.

Skytab also works as a stand alone terminal, separate from the POS.

Epson TM-M30 Ethernet Kitchen Printer $10 a month

Kitchen printer is used to print tickets in the prep areas. It connects to the modem via Cat6 ethernet cable.

2-Line Caller ID $14 a month

Caller ID is mostly used in takeout and delivery settings. It recognizes customers information by the phone number they are calling from.

Kitchen Display System $45 a month

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are used in every type of restaurant. They conveniently display all the orders on a big screen. They are mostly used to substitute the use of printers. They also help to save extra spending of thermal paper.

250 Gift Cards $199 

Full custom gift cards are available as an additional marketing tool for your business.
Include the fact that you pay no credit card fees when running a sale with the gift card. The cost starts at $199 for 250 cards + 18 cents when you run each transaction.

Online Ordering & Reservations Free

We can build your own online ordering and reservations webpages that will be integrated to your POS system. All new orders will show at the POS stations and print in the kitchen.
Online ordering interface: ORDER ONLINE
Reservations interface: MAKE A RESERVATION
Uber Eats and Doordash are now available directly through our POS. We are actively working to add more.

QR Ordering & QR Payments Free

This function is mostly used in a table service environment. Customers can place orders and make payments by scanning a QR code.

Integrated Loyalty Program Free

Customized loyalty program is available to keep your customers alert about earned points. Customers can accrue and redeem points by providing their phone number.

What comes with the purchase

Lifetime Warranty on all equipment          $3000 annual value
24/7 remote technical support                     $1200 annual value
Free Menu Building & Installation               $800 value
New POS functions ARE included               $3000-$5000 value 

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* All POS fees are waived for up to nine months for customers with $30K sales volume
* Expedited phone queue when calling to support

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    Still have questions?

    Request a POS consultant to call you back.

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