Online Ordering
FREE Online Ordering for Your Restaurant
Online Ordering is the latest option for contactless ordering. It allows guests to place their food orders online for either pickup or delivery. Since COVID, contactless service, including ordering and payment, is preferred. Therefore, many more restaurants now offer an Online Ordering experience for their guests.
With Harbortouch online ordering, guests can place their food orders through a branded checkout page designed and provided by Harbortouch. The checkout hyperlink with the restaurant’s menu is placed on the restaurant’s website or a social media page. When a customer places the order, both the kitchen and manager receive a notification of a new online order in real-time.
Since orders are placed directly through the restaurant websites, merchants don’t have to pay any fees to the third-party companies such as Grubhub and Uber Eats.
However, Harbortouch provides access to platforms like Uber Eats and Doordash directly from the POS system. Restaurants can enable this feature if preferred and not use additional tablets.

Here would be an example of your menu and the checkout pages:

Website Ordering

Social Media Ordering

To make a Reservation from your website

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