Apple Pay & Contactless Payments
Accept Payments Completely Touch-Free

Contactless Technology ​is one of the most recent services introduced in the card payment industry. Apple Pay and Google Pay are just a couple of easy and secure ways that consumers can pay for products and services without having to touch a keypad or make contact with a cashier.

The newest option, the tap-to-pay credit and debit card system, works similar to Apple Pay and Google Pay but uses built-in microchips to complete transactions. Simple to use, with this new service, when customers tap their phones or their cards onto the payment terminal, it reads the data from the NFC chip, thus finalizing the sale.

Many Point of Sale companies such as Square POS, Toast, Upserve, and others are actively adding Contactless Payment options to their POS products.

Due to the risk of COVID-19, many restaurants are looking for ways to reassure customers and increase restaurant occupancy by offering safer (contactless) business transactions.

Harbortouch Restaurant Point of Sale provides a contactless payment service for all of its bar and restaurant customers.

The mobile, handheld Harbortouch POS stations are fast, secure, and flexible. With it, checks can be split in different ways and paid without a customer having to give their credit card to the server.

Harbortouch’s payment terminals are compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards and have the ability to accept all of the latest contactless payment options.

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