Harbortouch®​ is an award-winning leader in payment technology solutions.

It provides a premium point-of-sale and contactless payment systems that are widely used by restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and retailers in and around Boston area and the New England region.

Backed by the Shift4​ compan​y (NYSE: FOUR) ​, Harbortouch is on the cutting-edge of POS and Payment technology. Shift4 owns and manages the four oldest American POS brands: Positouch, Restaurant Manager, Future POS, and Harbortouch POS. Headquartered in Allentown, PA, Shift4 currently serves over 200,000 merchant customers across the United States.

Upgrade Your POS to Provide a COVID-Friendly Guest Experience.

Many companies worldwide have confronted especially unprecedented times in the past year; however, a new beginning has finally emerged as restrictions have begun to lift and businesses are beginning to reopen. However, merchants and customers everywhere are still facing the unfortunate negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we are reopening, safety is a significant priority for every one of us.

Fortunately, Harbortouch has options to provide safer payment options for your customers. Money and card handling can become safer with frequent hand washing and other safety precautions. But, with the virus at the forefront of our minds, customers are in search of restaurants and businesses that provide options that allow for less contact between themselves and staff.

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